Calmos café

Calmos Café

A haven of peace that offers a unique experience of spiritual retreat punctuated by Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga classes, moments of meditation, Ayurvedic massages, an exceptional setting close to nature, a place disconnected from daily life.


Calmos café



APRIL, 2020



Branding & Print

Logo | Business cards | Flyer

Shanti Nilayam is more than a business concept, it’s a way of life embodied by the owner Myriam.

The idea behind the branding sparked very quickly during our first meeting. Her vision was to make Shanti Nilayam a haven for peace and spiritual enlightenment. A place where her clients could disconnect from their day to day life and grow their inner equilibrium through Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda. Nature had to be part of her brand, as it reflects the location of Shanti Nilayam, nestled in the woods on top of a hill. But what came out of our meeting was the importance for her that only small groups of no more than 5 were to be allowed in order to focus on each and every one of them with as much care as possible. People were at the center of her business and that had to be translated visually to reflect her vision.



We collaborate with our clients from start to finish. That means we not only listen and value their inputs but also find a solution that fits their ambitions and their budget.
Based on that, we decided to go with a fully customized website build from an existing theme. It really speeds up the process and we are able to deliver exactly what our clients envisioned by tailoring the theme with CSS and our design skills.

We added a video header, created in collaboration with @la_fine_image, on each page to deliver a fully immersive experience for her users.


• CMS WordPress


• Video | 1 day of shooting in collaboration with @la_fine_image
• Photo | 1 day of shooting
• Multilingual website (French & English)


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